Are We a Religiously Intolerant Nation?

We live in fast times where any news literally spreads like forest fire. What is fresh in the morning becomes – thanks to the social media – overly reported, shared, commented and trampled on till evening. One such issue that is plaguing Pakistani papers these days, is the alleged migration of Hindus from Pakistan. Whether this news is genuine is still a question but we can already see the brouhaha being created by our liberals swarming the mainstream news media.

Alleged migration of the 60 Hindu families on account of religious discrimination and persecution is indeed sad news but would it not be better to wait and authenticate the news before blaming Islam and Muslims of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Some of the bloggers are so quick in their judgment that they astonish you. One such blogger demanded that white color from Pakistani flag be removed since we persecute, harass and force minorities to abandon Pakistan. Does her quickness not remind you of the fake Swat incidence where a woman was flogged by Taliban and the propaganda mess created by NGOs affiliated feminists thereafter? Recall the sham wedding incidence in Kohistan where 5 girls who were killed for singing & clapping were later on found alive only to kill the fake media drama.

According to the latest news, 60 Hindu families complained that their houses were raided, shops were looted and their women were forcefully converted but president of the Hindu Panchayat Amarnath Motumal rebutted all such reports saying that Hindus are not migrating but going on a yearly yatra. My question is; does this rebuttal hold any value or are we supposed to blindly follow the propagandist bloggers and NGO fed activists until they are proven wrong yet again?

All my life, I have found non-Muslims around me i.e. Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus and I remember not even a single moment when I or any other Muslim around me persecuted them. In fact, my best college friend was a Christian; we hung out, ate together and shared everything. It was a bond of humanity and love that connected us. We had a Christian maid who worked in our house for 20 long years and when she died, I saw everyone in my house crying for her and hugging her daughters to comfort them. Is this persecution? Why don’t I see such positive things getting published about Pakistan?

Are we a religiously intolerant nation? I do not think so. Do we single out non-Muslims to persecute them? No. Ethnic jokes, mocks, innuendoes are common here but this happens all over the world. Do we stone, lynch and kill minorities? Naa! Like any other nation, we have tons of issues but my request is to not dirty our repute anymore than it already is on international front. Authenticate hearsay before shouting at the top of your voice about it. Give chaska-news rest for once. Most importantly give Pakistan a break; it is already bruised and tired but silent.

Published in on 11th August, 2012


5 thoughts on “Are We a Religiously Intolerant Nation?

  1. I like your blog and love your passion – but you almost broke my heart.

    Please go to Goggle, Copy and paste following (this is very small sample) and let me know what you think.…0.0…1ac.1.KlGbJf1XGxo#hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws&sclient=psy-ab&q=ahmadiyya+%26+express+tribune&oq=ahmadiyya+%26+express+tribune&gs_l=serp.3…26610.31947.0.32155.…0.0…1c.1.12.psy-ab.uFpEv3A3q7s&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.dmg&fp=971ffc3a52955973&biw=1280&bih=846


  2. I hope Imran Khan wins and wins big.

    Now it will largely, depend on the voter turn out. Romney lost his election in one state, Ohio. The reason, voter turn out for Obama. Romney was ready with his acceptance speech, he was so sure of his success in Ohio. Who ever was going to win Ohio was going to be the President.

    Obama supporters came out to vote in large numbers. The voter turn out was so high in favor of Obama, that it broke all the Statistical Models based on the previous elections, and Romney lost.

    I am sure you and other Ik supporters will ask everyone to vote. Let’s hope everyone will vote, and will ask everyone else to vote as well.

    I really hope, IK will form the next government. I can’t take any more of the same. Had enough.

    If you are really bored and have lots of time on your hands you can read all about this in the issues of November 2012 Washington Post and The New York Times.


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