Of PTI Trolls


 Social media is fun and can also be addictive but it is that wild animal that cannot be tamed. With everyone having an access to internet, you cannot control their mouths and incessant rants. PTI Trolls, is one such tag, that has caused much unrest amongst us PTI supporters of late.

Up till now the mention of PTI Trolls really irritated me. I would get all worked up if anyone referred to PTI supporters as trolls and their vehement passion for Kaptaan as trolling . Like any other loyal supporter, I would support PTI’s stance with an undaunted obsession. I couldn’t imagine anyone to be patriotic and not seconding Imran Khan’s stance. For me it was a simple calculation;


With time though, I learned that opposition and difference of opinion should be tolerated. Surely, not all 180 million Pakistanis have to be PTI supporters.

It is my personal experience that PTI supporters do not stand even an iota of criticism on Imran Khan. This further flares up the critics who are always [read: ALWAYS] condemnatory. That critics are judgmental – is a universal law that we need to understand and in PTI’s case, these critics are extraordinarily hypercritical and disparaging. There is no second say about it but responding to their massive propaganda in a way PTI supporters do is uncalled for as well. See below a few tweets:

photo 1

photo 3(1)

photo 5(1)

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)

photo 12

photo 19photo 16

photo 8

Now, I am not saying PTI supporters are the only people who are keyboard warriors, I can give you 100s of tweets of PMLN supporters and workers who keep all the ethics aside while assaulting others. My point is that Imran Khan is the only national leader who is honest and patriotic. In these dark times, he is a ray of hope for us. His message of change is so powerful that it can propel Pakistan in the right direction for the first time in the history of the country.

As PTI supporters what best we can do is be vocal about his mission and spread his agenda. The critics are those scavenger who forage such social media trolling & gossiping. And let us be honest, PTI’s popularity, message and power have descended fast in 2012 mainly because media hawks exaggerate how tweep like us act on social media. Instead of endorsing, more and more people are turning against PTI as a result.

Guys, Kaptaan has worked for 17 long years. His struggle is exemplary. He faced immense criticism, opposition and barriers to reach this position where the entire nation looks up to him. Let us not massacre his mission because whether we like to admit or not, media vultures are very judgmental. They forget that MQM has done downright horrible wall-chalking against Kaptaan & PMLN has hurled provocative slandering at Benazir but what they do not forget is that PTI supporters use foul language on social media. It is a card they are playing with. They do not realize that trolling is a universal phenomenon and is not just limited to one political party in Pakistan.

You, PTI supporters, are a powerful force. It impresses me to know you for you are eloquent, interesting and inspiring. Do not, please, sabotage Kaptaan’s image. There is so much better you can do. Just think!


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