Teacher Checks the Paper of a 7 Year Old


Q. Write a story titled The Boy Who Cried Wolftest-cartoon-picture20testanxiety1

Once on upon a time there was a sheep-boy shepherd who was a very liar. He lied so much so much that he lied to his one father, his one mother, his one small sister and one big brother, his one best friend and all the village peoples villagers. He had so many sheeps and goats that he takes took up on the glacier hill. He was funny. Every day he joked with the villagers by shouting:

Loin Lion, loin lion, help, help! Loin Lion will eat my sheeps and me. Please save me!

Hearing him the villag peoples villagers left their own jobs and rushed to help him up on the mountain but what they saw was that he is always him smiling and laughing. It happened every day until the villager peoples villagers stopped taking him as true-speaker believing him. It so happened that one day the real loin lion came and attacked and eat ate all the sheeps. The sheep-boy shepherd cried a lot, very very much saying and said:

Please save me and my sheeps from the loin lion. Please

But not even one people person came to his help. The loin lion ate him also.

Moral: Always speak the truth Once a liar, always a liar.12345


Q. Write a story with the moral God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Thirsty CrowComputer-Girl_160

Once upon a time there was a black crow {have you seen a white crow?} who was very thirsty. He did not drink water for 15 days err, really? O_o. His children were thirsty also. LOL 😛 One day he decided to drink water so he left his nest and flew from here there to discover  search for water on earth. He wasted spent so much time but could not discover find water and he got more thirsty. Finally he saw a picture pitcher but the water was very tiny little. A thought occured to him. He found some rocks stones by the side of the picture pitcher so he putted one rock pebble after the other inside the well? {w*w now it has become a well?} until the water came up. Water level rises rose to top so much so that he could easily drink it. So he drinks drank water and thanked god for it and flew back to his home.

Moral: God helps them those who help themselves



Q. Write a story with the moral Greed Brings About Disaster

Greedy Dog       TNY_teachers_323

One day Once upon a time there was  a dog who was very hungry but also greedy in nature. He found looked for food here and there everywhere and at last found a bone. He putted the bone in mouth and go went back to his beautiful {:P} home across the bridge. When he started to walk on the bridge, he saw a his reflection in the mirror formed by water. There was a another dog with a bone in his mouth. He became greedy. Suddenly he wanted to eat the other bone so he started to bark. His bone fell in the water. So this is how the greedy dog lost its bone. Awww

Moral: Don’t be greedy or Greed brings about disaster123456


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