10 Lessons of My Life


1. People do not expect anything bad from you but they are totally oblivious of their own hurtful remarks they are hurling towards you. Sometimes in the form of public advice, other times in a mocking style, they would always criticize and judge you.  Your reaction, a bit angry at that, is totally not welcome.  Ignore!

2. Be very careful while talking to and about people both to their face and behind their back – especially if you are talking about their appearance. If someone is fat, they already know it. You need not be the 100th person to point this out. Tanned, short, obese and disabled people go through mock and scorn on daily basis. Be gentle and considerate.

3. A compliment, no matter how little, can brighten someone’s day.  Won’t you love it if someone called you beautiful or intelligent? Such carefree but honest admiring comments have wings that can lift people. Be generous, but honest, with praise.

4. Being too nice won’t get you anywhere. People will exploit your niceness and walk all over you. Do help people but do not go extra lengths because when it is your time to be helped, you will see them turning their back or be totally unconscious of your predicament.  However, be kind to people as a whole and give your bit to make this world a better place. Balance!

5. Do not put off things. Sometimes we spend years waiting for things to get better or happen first. Learn that you are not putting off things but your life and happiness. If something makes you happy and it is not affecting or ruining the life of the people around you, just do it! Do not procrastinate!

6. Do not think too much about how you look and what you lack in your appearance. There is no way you are going to get what is already missing in you. Fretting over it is such a waste of time. Pluck up courage and improve what you already have and can achieve. Be positive!

7. Do not be too stern that people find it intimidating to talk to you. Do not be too soft that people squish and exploit you. Let go of ego. Let go of arrogance. Be the likeable person but do not expect people to like you. Be modest and maintain self-respect. Respect yourself before making people respect you. Be the person who people respect and think before speaking to let alone make fun of.  Self-improvement!

8. Your life is your life and you own it. You are lucky you are living. Many people have already gone from the world with their wishes deep buried in nothingness. Live your life and fight for it. Fight for what you think is right, important and what you believe in. Fight for your family and people you love. Tomorrow never comes, tomorrow may not be your time. Own your life!

9. Be good. Focus on self-improvement. Do not be envious or jealous of people because behind every beautiful life, there is pain. Be gentle to your body. Feed it healthy and live healthy. Do not feed junk to your body. Likewise, do not feed junk to your soul. Recognize and connect to your God before it is too late. Read, realize and recognize!

10. Never give up on hope. Good things come to those who instill hope in their souls. Be disappointed but do not give up for failures are only but lessons. Never regret your past, just let it go. Make your present better. However, learn from your failures. Learn and move on. Move on with grace. Grace & refinement!


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