An Open Letter to Sohail Ahmed

Pooray Baaza'on Wali Hakoomat
Dear Sohail Ahmed,
I read your column published on 15th May 2013 and I just wanted to write to you and protest. I completely, fully disagree with everything you wrote.

You, much like every other PMLN propagandist, have tried to give the impression that PTI is the party of the rich whereas PMLN on the other hand is the party that stands for poor.

PTI is not the party of the rich but it is however, the party of the educated who saw what happened in NA125. We know what are our rights, and we know how to use them to demand justice. Free and fair election in our constituency was our right and on 11th of May we were denied this right. Saad Rafique, along with his armed entourage, kept patrolling station after station, intimidating, daunting and threatening men, women, and polling staff alike. His wife was no less either when she flaunted her jewelry, money and told people how she had enough money to buy them all.

We are not burgers. We are those people who, despite the government’s best efforts, have gotten an education and have used that education to stand up on our feet.

♦ Yes, we live in decent houses,

♦ Yes, we drive around in cars.

♦  Yes, we have meals in our stomach when we go to bed but most importantly what we also have is a brain and the awareness which helped us tell black from white, right from wrong and evil from good.

♦  And because of all this, we rejected PMLN for its stands for wrong and is evil.

How can you or any sane person even imagine that PMLN stands for poor? Saad Rafique himself drives around in Land Cruisers – you think he stands for poor? No, he does not! Imran Khan is the person who has fought for the poor and the whole of Pakistan. His candidates, overlooking a few rotten ones, are good too. Hamid Khan stands for the rights of minorities. As the most successful lawyer of the country, he has fought and won many cases for the Christian community. Ahsan Rashid is the leader of commoners. Find the picture attached  to see the truth of his dedication. He’s had a surgery and needed crutches to walk but even that did not keep him from being a part of the dharna at Lalik Chowk.

Ahsan Rasheed Lalik Chowk - Defence sit-in

You, sir, are wrong when you say PTI is the party of burgers, of elite, or the rich. You are wrong when you claim people rejected PTI. I am writing to record my protest. You lost a reader yesterday, You lost a fan. I reject you. I reject your mindset.

Shaista Zulfiqar

Note: Shaista Zulfiqar is a Senior Communication and Content Manager at Zameen.comShaistaHer political views sync with Imran Khan’s. She can be contacted on Twitter Ξ Shaista.Zulfiqar


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Sohail Ahmed

  1. He said so, seriously? He has lost another reader and fan. Only recently had I started watching Hasb-e-Haal, and believed they are more respectable than whatever crap I had been watching previously.

    It is not that only the poor cast their votes, the rich do too and they have been doing this since Pakistan was made. The early Muslim League leaders didn’t come from suburbs and rural areas. Was Quaid-e-Azam a poor man?

    Why has this turned into a fight of class divide and racism? Why can’t we accept that these were not elections but rather selection? A drama that was scripted long ago. A fairly clean man (Imran Khan) is stuck among the gangsters, looters, and those who divide the nation.

    May we not lose our mind amidst greed and chaos, Amen!

    P.S.: Was this written by Shaista?


  2. Yes, Azizi said this all. You can read his column attached in the beginning of the blog. This blog is a response to Azizi by Shaista. I thought to publish it here by adding her as a contributor.

    Azizi must have received a lot of feedback on this column because I saw him giving sheepish explanations in his yesterday’s show. Such gross generalization on his part, he should apologize.

    With passing days, it is becoming clearer that elections were indeed a preplanned drama. Dr. Shahid Masood calls it ‘NRO-2’. While we are extremely disappointed, we must understand that our votes have been stolen. Protest, whether you wear ‘full or no baazo’ because sleeves do not grant or take away your right to protest.


  3. @Saira Zulfiqar : I agree with you points and would like to add that PTI is not only popular amongst the rich and eduated. if that was the logic then we have to assume that KPK is economically and literacy wise superior to other provinces which it s not, so it kind of negates Mr. Sohail’s view point .

    Kudos to you for writing another fantastic piece



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