Working Women are NOT Sluts

I have often heard nonsense about working women. Too liberal in their thoughts and dressing, some say, while others stereotype us as too outgoing. The generalization and labeling goes on forever.  However, what really gets my goat is the word slut.

I take personal offense if anyone generalizes working women class. Although I am quite familiar with the fact that a working woman is not easily and socially digestible, being labelled a ‘slut’ only because you are doing a job is derogatory of supreme order.

Are we sluts?

No, we are not!

We are women who educate ourselves, secretly nurture a wish in our heart (just as a son does, just as any human, for that matter, does),  to become a doctor or a pilot, we work hard, and fight our way through immense competition to make it through to a good college. We become doctors or teachers and pursuit our dream of saving or educating the humanity. Why would a particular class be people be so ruthless and call us ‘SLUTS’?

Are we sluts because we pursue our educational dream?

Are we sluts because we go out everyday, work equal length of hours despite the fact that we get lower wages?

Are we sluts because some of us do not have fathers or brothers to support us socially and financially where we have to bear all the expenses?

I tell you why they call us ‘sluts’. We are labeled sluts because we are confident, educated women who have a strong educational background and professional degree to support and fend for ourselves. We are sluts because we now know how the world works and to get things done ourselves. Strong women make men feel weak in their knees, hence the ruthless labelling. If it were up to them, we’d still have been cooped up in the house like hens clucking all day long and making eggs (literally).

We are sluts because we work in a mixed environment where there are men. Men – who are stereotyped as the big, wild beasts who are out there to devour every female species they bump into. A rather nauseating stereotyping, let me say.

Yes, we work in a mixed environment. Yes, we have male colleagues but an office is not a dating point. And hello, has it ever occurred to you that education broadens your mind. A workplace is a professional environment where people behave themselves. More importantly, it is the place where you enter when you are emotionally and mentally stable. Surely you can expect maturity from grown up people, can’t you?


While stigma and gross generalization of working women continues, there is no need to feel hopeless though. Respect for us will surely come by although admittedly it may take a long time before it becomes palpable in our patriarchal society. Till then, just pull yourself together and buckle up. Remember, you are not a slut, no matter who says it. You are a strong, educated, professional woman who can tell right from wrong. Most importantly, you are a decent person whose respect cannot be trampled on by such thoughtless generalizations.


12 thoughts on “Working Women are NOT Sluts

  1. she is lucky to have gotten rid of a living example of ancient morons. The ever insecure chauvinists have nothing better to defend their losing end by any good mean, any way.


  2. Every man is the not the same, and I believe you cant judge anyone with one bad experience you had or your friends did. Problem is you people learn English, learn to wear jeans but you don’t change your mentality. This article literally pissed me off I being a man condemn the words you used and I disagree that every man has the same mentality. Open your eyes if you want to live in the dark go ahead but please don’t blame every men over your bad experience,…. Bless


  3. He:
    “Working women are sluts’
    “Men – yes, the big, wild, sex-starved beasts who are out there to devour (read; brutally rape) every package of feminine legs they’d bump into.”

    So, what is the difference between “He” and you?????????????
    And shoud i take it as offence, as u did???


  4. I think I didn’t make myself clear in the blog. Let me edit. I meant that people around us assume men are beasts out there to hunt women whereas this is not true in reality. Let me edit.


  5. I see a lot of “stop generalizing men” comments here. Apparently the commenters are under the impression that just all men aren’t guilty of this, the actions of the ones who do are justified. That is not true. I feel that if we don’t condemn and stop our fellow men from oppressing women with their mysoginistic mindsets, we are equally guilty.

    Sadly, in all my experiences in Pakistan, I have never seen that happen. Oh no, the majority of us men tend to almost always side with their ‘brothers’ and comrades. When a woman complains about her unequal treatment, we tend to ‘laugh it off’ and call that woman too ‘progressive’ or even ‘vulgar’ amongst ourselves.

    It is indeed a sad sad society we have created for ourselves. However, to be honest, we’re not the only ones responsible for this problem. Let’s not forget the traditional high-brow female gossipers and potential mother-in-laws who prefer ‘homely’ women and brand working women to be too ‘outgoing’ and ‘modern’ for their sons.

    Also, I didn’t know Baji had a blog. Awesome posts. I’m definitely following it. 🙂


  6. referring to the subject line ……. I am sorry to say that it is sad but true that few of them are sluts. one of my friend who is deputy COO of one of the largest mutual fund …… they had to close few of their sales office in karachi due to this reason.
    Same happened in the mobilink call centres in the past and many other banks. Cases have been reported where employees found in the compromised state in the office premises.
    There are certain % of galz who can do “kuch bhi” to get job , increment, and promotion.
    interestingly in most of organization have strict dress codes for male but as such no code for females . Resulting in significant number of females have revealing and see through dressing under the pretext of “latest fashion”.

    i dont blame females for everything, in certain cases men pressurize or exploit female work force , but we can’t exonerate the certain categories of female for what’s happening around here.


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