Saroop Ijaz, I Hope You Read This



This is in response to your op-ed on Express Tribune From Apologist to Ally where you have vented your bile against Imran Khan. I have never read such a flawed piece of writing in my life before. What you have written is called letting-off of your frustration in the simplest language. Understandably enough you were really upset about the Septembe 22ndChurch Bombing, just as we all were, but the way you took out your frustration on Imran Khan and KPK government reminded of a neurotic housewife who has nothing else to do except scourging her jobless husband and insufferable in-laws. Your whole piece reeked of prejudice. Have you ever noticed that the way you write op-eds is akin to giving directives and blatant throw-away statements as opposed to leaving room for discussion? It is a given that you biased and myopic. Even a child of 10 with average intelligence or perhaps (just as you like to put) single digit IQ can tell this. This, I am afraid, requires no elaborate refutation.

What you, sir, have done is called generalization. No, wait! Gross generalization. Flirting with different labels for Imran Khan such as Taliban Apologist, or Taliban Ally, what are you actually dishing out for your readers? Once again, and rather mindlessly, you have connected the on-going wave of terrorism in the country with Imran Khan’s viewpoint. As though terrorists would bow down to Pakistan army only if Imran Khan changed his stance. As though the PTI controls the TTP. As though the only problem in Pakistan is Imran Khan’s unwavering stance against TTP. Rubbish!

What is clear is that you are not clear. Being your silent reader for quite a while now, I strongly feel you need to touch-base with Imran Khan’s political stance. If anything, he is absolutely very clear that nothing but peace talks can make Taliban stop the ruthless killings. Does this give you any hint of ‘I-must-save-my-own-skin’ like dilly-dallying? I would really like to know what is your mental age because you mistake peace talks for covert or over alliance with terrorists. In fact, PTI is the only party in Pakistan that has a strategy to get Pakistan out of this fake war against terror – a strategy that not yet been implemented. Appreciate, not condemn, it! In fact, if you need to direct your venom against anyone, be it PMLN since it is federal government’s prerogative to stay in or out of WAT.

PS. By the way, do you know that PMLN, PPP, ANP and all other parties have agreed to initiate Peace Talks with Taliban? When is your next masterpiece coming out on it?

PPS. You are a powerful writer but this time around, your piece was nothing more than ‘Ramblings of a Confused Fake Liberal Mind’.

PPPS. Oh by the way, have you conveniently overlooked the probable involvent of RAW, CIA and Mossad in the terrorist attacks in Pakistan?


Your Always-Disappointed-By-You Reader


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