The Boy I See Daily

It is 4:00 PM. It is his time to arrive. Oh, I must be ready before he is here.  After all, he does deserve my full attention. Attentive, I look at my watch and sneak a look through my window to see if he has arrived. He has not.

Great, he is not here; I still have some time to round my work off.  As my fingers move quickly over the keyboard, I think about him. What a hope he is for me. He has shown me the purpose of life. I owe him a big thanks. Is he here yet? I look out the window again. No. I sigh and get back to work but my mind wanders back to the day when I saw him first.

Introvert and quiet that I am, I often stare into the space as I look outside my window. You should do it sometimes too, it helps cleanse the mind, especially a saturated mind. It was one of such days when I saw him for the first time. The moment I laid my eyes on him, he captivated me.

Clad in simple shalwar qameez, he was riding a bicycle. Having barely hit the puberty, his newly grown facial hair was visible even from a distance. Oblivious of the stranger’s eyes consistently noticing him, he pulled his bicycle over for a moment and busied himself. I was about to move my eyes away from him and back into the nothingness of space when he caught my attention again with something he did.

Oh My God…”, were the words that came out of my mind. My heart started to race. For a moment, my whole world unified to one point – him and what he was doing. It made me proud. It shamed me. It humbled me. It wet my eyes.

To this day I daily wait for him. When he arrives, I stop my work and start looking at him. He seems to emanate a power that molds my thoughts and brings extreme peace.

I check my watch and window again. Oh, he is here.

He has arrived.

I stop my work and give him my full attention.

He is this;

Namaz Boy

A 16 year old garbage boy who collects and sells garbage for a living. During this brief period of 10 minutes of his daily work routine, he spreads a cloth on the road side and offers Namaz besides the garbage can.

One would think he can have 101 reasons or excuses to not offer it. He is too young to even know its importance. Has he even read the Ahadith on the importance of Namaz offered on time? Probably not. But apparently this boy knows that his duty towards Allah is far superior and more important than any lame excuse that rest of us have.

PS. Today I decided not to merely look at him from a distance but go near and take pictures with his permission. As expected, he allowed graciously. May Allah bless him.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was asked: “Which of the actions is best?”

He replied: “Observing prayer early in its period.”

Abu Dawud 2: 426


15 thoughts on “The Boy I See Daily

  1. yet another master piece written by you my dear friend! Excellent and an awesome lesson of life portrayed so beautifully! May ALLAH bless the child and guide us to follow the right path too, aameen! Well done and keep it up! (Y)


  2. I had just visited your blog and this post was at the top…believe me, it just blew me aways. MASHALLAH such a captivating writing style you have…keep it up and now you have one regular reader of your blog.


  3. Just realized, Remembrance of God is actually, His blessings, whomever He wants to bestow upon. when i used to offer my prayers, I would think its cultural, habitual etc to worship, and considered “trivial-ist” routien in my daily life. I don’t know when and how i lost and Now, No matter how hard i try now, i can’t. . . . .
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts n feelings….


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