Why I think Not Cheering for Shahid Afridi is Silly

Note: This is a response to the blog titled Why I Won’t be Cheering for Shahid Afridi Anymore published in The Dawn on 2014-03-12.

Dear Shahid Afridi,

As always, you are the centre of attention – sometimes positively, mostly negatively. After you boom-boomed us with your absolutely murderous innings against India and Bangladesh in the 2014 Asia Cup, you’ve quickly landed yourself into another controversy. This time, your ‘sexist’ thoughts that women should stay in the kitchen have made it big on the social and news media.

Mr. Shahid Afridi, I am a woman; an educated and professional one at that, which puts me in the smallest minorities in this country. To say that I am offended by your coincidental video leak would be acting infantile. What really concerns me is the silliness of a compulsive yet mediocre mind insinuating that your personal thoughts can have an unfavourable effect on your fans.

Mr. Afridi, let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong in women working in the kitchen. I am a professional who chose to study medicine but who loves cooking. I absolutely admire women who cook good and whenever I get time, I head straight to the kitchen to try new recipes. You have rightly pointed out that cooking good is a God-gifted art that mostly and usually women master. Is there any shame in cooking? Absolutely not!

This reminds me of Nigella Lawson, the famous chef – what a visual and culinary delight she is. She cooks ‘gorgeous’ food and is one of the highest paid celebrities around the world. Oh and wait, do our feminist behnain know that Nigella Lawson is Oxford qualified? If being qualified means you should say no to cooking then please somebody go tell this to Nigella who is, apparently, coining money out of this hopeless ad mundane task.

Mr. Afridi, please do not get daunted by what ‘moderately enlightened men and women’ on social media have to say for only working women are empowered women to them. Per such judgemental people, a stay-at-home woman is not as worthy of respect as a female combat-ready fighter pilot or a social activist is.

I, hereby, refuse to succumb to the nonsensical narrative of my respectable and moderately enlightened friends. I will continue buying a number 10 jersey to support Pakistan, because any man who thinks women solely belong in the kitchen does not affect my or anyone else’s rational opinion. And if this was any other civil society, your casual remark would have never made you go through social media trials.

Mr. Afridi, You are not a sexist, misogynist or a male chauvinist. God has gifted you with four beautiful daughters.We know you love them. You, I therefore assume, are a much better person than to listen to the let-liberal feminist and right-winged misogynistic mind sets. afridi

Do not be in such a hurry to make your daughter(s) a pilot, doctor or a social activist. Tell your daughters that it is great to be a chef. In fact, one of them can go ahead and be a restaurateur if she wills and join me in my future venture.

Warm Regards,

A woman


3 thoughts on “Why I think Not Cheering for Shahid Afridi is Silly

  1. Well said! Besides which, I believe the statement for which he is being demonised was said many years ago, when he was much younger, possibly not even a father at the time. People grow, people change.


  2. its his personal thinking .i think you should not feel like being offended by this statement .He’s from pathan family and they are strict in family matters .But as fan i love Afridi .Amazing post by the way .Great work Thumb’s up


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