We all Love and Support Geo TV


Amid criticism, Geo TV struggles to regain its strenght and credibility. It is awfully unfair that criticism and condemnation is being levelled against our beloved news network after its simple and benign tip-off that ISI ‘maybe’ involved in the attack against Hamid Mir.

In times like these, Geo needs us. My friends, we all must stand up and show unequivocal support for our beloved Geo. We must promise that we will watch only and only Geo TV, Geo News, Geo Super, Geo Entertainment and Geo Kahani because:


  1. Among the phony coney channels, Geo is the only voice of truth and valour. Why, it is almost our national channel that has revamped honesty, nationalism and instilled oneness in Pakistanis.
  2. Geo’s credibility & authenticity is incontestable. Committed to its cause, Geo was the first channel to ‘expose’ the Pakistani nationality of Ajmal Kasab – perpetrator of Mumbai attacks – thereby, unmasking the nefarious terrorist face of Pakistan that was hitherto hidden from the world. Bravo!
  3. Geo TV adds colors to our Eid and national holidays by airing Indian movies. I mean where else can I see a patriotic Indian movie such as ‘Chak De’ on 14th August? I feel so proud of my Pakistani Indian roots.
  4. Geo is our foremost source of Indian songs. Allah, I can’t imagine my day without twerking on Baby Doll mai sonay di and 101 other latest Hindi songs.
  5. Geo brings Indian cinema and drama right to my door step. So important that we know how Deepika celebrated her 29th birthday and where Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are shacking up these days.
  6. Geo Super keeps politics out of game. This is why it never misses out on any matches played by India in India, outside India, on the moon, million-dollar slums, even in the hell-hole. Never mind the fact that no Pakistani player has been auctioned in the IPL since 2008; a game is a game, you know and we lurvveeee IPL!
  7. Geo believes in peace with our Big Brother i.e. India. Aman ki Asha is an enviable program that focuses on concealing the bone of contention between two countries i.e. Kashmir, and highlighting the commonality i.e. culture, language etc. Exactly the need of the hour.
  8. Geo is an international channel. This does us Pakistanis so proud that Geo is but one faction of world’s largest conglomerate owned by a Neocon Zionist David Hazinski. Isn’t it amazing that through Geo, the world gets first-hand information about Pakistan, especially terrorism, Talibanism, rape cases, Balochistan separation etc?
  9. Geo has beautifully and emphatically refashioned the slogan of Pakistan Movement from پاکستان کا مطلب کیا لا الہ الا اللہ to پڑهنے لکھنے کے سوا پاکستان کا مطلب کیا. This is called improvisation and farsightedness.
  10. Amir Liaqat – the scholar-cum-joker who will make you cry in Ramzan but otherwise sing ‘Halal songs’ in Ina’am Ghar. Mashallah.


Do I need to give any more reason or you are convinced to join me in my blind support for Geo? Come on friends, get up and voice your support. We all need to Geo tu Aisay Taisay… Khaa Pee ke Paisay!


7 thoughts on “We all Love and Support Geo TV

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