About Me

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A pharmacy graduate who treads water. Often times she weaves her feelings and thoughts into a blog-post. Sometimes she gets asked to write for newspapers and magazines, rarely though she gets a good package. Professionally she works as a Medical Writer for an American firm and seems contented – ostensibly! Oh and she is also a Content and Academic Writer who is contemplating to pursue a Ph.D degree.




On a more casual note, I am a fan of nature. Simple things attract me. Nature, quiet, a mugga tea and an old classic book in my hand is my idea of a wonderful hang-out. I am a reader. I have this huge library in my house full of classic Russian, French, English & Urdu books. I learn. I love to learn.

I love Africa & the savannah wildlife. I have an eerie attraction for snakes and crocodiles. Respect lions and African buffaloes, I do. I am interested in religion, science, history, medicine, God and books (have I said it already?)

Two of my secret wishes are to 1). scuba or skinny dive in the Caribbean sea and see the coral reefs and underwater life in person and 2). taste the chunks of clouds.

I want to sit in this big balloon and cruise over the grasslands.I want to walk bare feet in swamps where there are huge lotuses around (too much National Geographic). Oh & I love photography, rain, rainbow, clouds and rusty leaves, and how the old books smell… books again, er? 🙂


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jab yaar dekhaa nain bhar, dil kee gai chintaa utar;
    Eisa nahi koi ajab, raakhe use samjhay kar.

    Jab aankh se ojhal bhayaa, tadpan lagaa moraa jiyaa;
    Hakka illahi kyaa kiyaa, aanshu chale bhar laay kar.

    Too to hamaaraa yaar hai, tujh par hamaaraa pyaar hai;
    Tujh dosti bisiyaar hai, ek shab milo tum aay kar.

    Jaanaa talab teree karoon, deegar talab kisakee karoon;
    Teree jo chintaa dil dharoon, ek din milo tum aay kar.

    Meraa jo man tumne liyaa, tumne uthaa gham ko diyaa;
    Tumne mujhe eisha kiyaa, jaise patang aag par.


  2. Epic description. Didn’t know you knew French and Russian. I am fond of learning and reading too. Also, “a chunk of cloud” tastes like cooled down steam, which is pretty much the same thing really, but perhaps I’m taking that part too literally 😀 .


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